Car photo frames: Improve Your Dealership’s Inventory Photos

As an automobile dealer, there is no margin for error in producing stunning car photo frames for car inventory photos. Therefore, you must go for the best car dealership photographer in town. Auto dealer photography is tricky and quite challenging, and if you don’t take it seriously, you can’t improve your car dealership photo frames for the inventory. 

This can lead your automobile business to its end sooner than you expect. This article will be looking into a couple of tips and tricks of car dealership photography to improve inventory photos. Read the following segments, and you will be able to fill your photo frames for car inventory with stunning images.

Use manufacturer photos as a reference

Photo optimization from the manufacturer is the best ones to use as your new inventory images. Automobile manufacturers produce stunning and detailed car image editing services to present their creations. They use the best photographers and post-processing in the world for their cars. So you can shadow their vehicle photography to improve yours.

Below I have given tips to shoot for both the exterior and the vehicle’s interior like the manufacturer.

Shooting Exterior of The Vehicle

You can follow the angles they shoot, the frames they capture, the detail they add into their frames, and reproduce the premiumness into your inventory images. There are five significant angles that manufacturers use for their shooting.

  • 1:4 of one or both sides
  • 3:4 of one or both sides
  • Entire front of the car
  • Back of the car
  • Entire side of the car

Pro Tip: Always try to shoot from the high or ground level, looking downwards rather than shooting from the eye level.

Shooting Interior of The Vehicle

If you look closely at the automobile photos from the manufacturer for the interior part, you will understand that they use perspectives to present the interior parts. They use four perspectives to cover the entire interior of the vehicles that you can suggest to your car dealership inventory photographer.

  • From Front Window Perspective
  • From Back Window Perspective
  • From Back Seat Perspective
  • From One Side to Another

Pro Tip: Shoot some extra photos and add them to your vehicle photo frames to showcase the features such as front and rear lights, side mirrors, and the interior side of the doors.

Take photos with proper lighting.

Proper photography lighting is an essential part of any photography, and there is no exception in auto dealership photography as well. Sometimes automobile dealers shoot a couple of their vehicle photos as soon as they come into their inventory. They do this to keep ahead of their competitors and make exclusive appearances with the new product online.

Take some time and prepare a proper setup for shooting any vehicle images, especially for marketing purposes. Appropriate lighting for any dealership photography can make a big difference and improve the overall frame’s image quality. In addition, lighting helps to capture detail, and frames for car photo, detail is essential.  

You can set artificial photography lighting and tweak it according to your requirements.

Pro Tip: For the best possible natural lighting, you can go for the golden hour (an hour after sunrise and before sunset )

Get someone to detail the vehicle.

Keeping your product neat and clean is also a significant selling point that most car dealers miss nowadays. Who wants their car to be covered with dust, dog hair, and stains? No one. So always clean your car before photo shooting them to add them into your inventory photo frames.

Before shooting, cleaning your vehicle will pop every detail and help you highlight its features in the final photo. A well-organized image can make your old car dealership photos look like a new ones. Always remember that first impressions matter.

Take as many photos as possible.

When you click images, take as many photos as you can and take multiple photos from the same angle when shooting for your auto dealership photos. It will help you have multiple options for one single angle and work on it in post-processing. Also, try to use new versions of professional car photography and implement new photography techniques to it. 

360-degree product photography is the new norm, and integrating it with your latest car dealership images will give you an extra opportunity over your competitors. Consumers nowadays are also demanding new and unique ways of product presentation from the retailers. They want to see more detailed product images to make sure everything is okay and tip-top.

Pay attention to the background.

While shooting your inventory pictures for cars, you want to focus on the subject that matters. But sometimes, you miss a small yet important trick in product photography that is the background. So yes, we understand that vehicles are not any tiny thing you place in any corner and start shooting. 

You need ample space to place it, so it becomes difficult to get a proper vehicle background. It would be best to control everything to shoot your auto dealership photos if you have an indoor setup. The level of professional car photos takes a lot to achieve. 

Pro Tip: If you shoot indoors, then find a corner with high walls so that they can complement your product more.

Create a guide and follow it

Once you get what works best for your vehicle images, create a guide and follow it for the subsequent batches. The guide will contain all the correct steps you took for your shooting. Most professional automobile dealership photo companies have their own set of guides to follow while shooting the cars. 

The guide can come in handy if any automobile dealership photographer leaves and a new one comes to replace them. It acts as a formula for photographing the best auto dealer photos for your company.


Producing exclusive and impressive car photo frames to improve your dealership’s inventory has no alternative or shortcuts. Follow the above tips and tricks to make the process a little bit easy for you and help you to create inventory photos that stand out in the crowd. 
Your inventory images are the only element in your business that can create opportunities to increase your sales. Always prioritize your car dealership photos and use proven photo inventory templates to get the best out of them.

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