How much to charge for photo editing

Photo editing is not just a hobby now; thousands of people joined Photo editing as a career. Image Pixelator give you how you can earn handsomely from Photo editing. Many professional Photographers are earning millions of dollars each year from Photo editing.

What is more important when you are a professional Photo editor? No doubt, Photo editing skills are the base of your professional success. But some other things could also affect your careers like the tools you used and the most important are the Photo editing prices.

So, it could be a big confusion for a professional Photo editor to set the charges for photo editing that earn handsomely for you and keep your clients satisfied and happy. How much to charge for photography in 2022 for edit Photos? Stay here; you will be guided in detail in this article.

A Guide to set Photo Editing Pricing

Photo Editing tasks are not the same; when setting the Photo editing price, you should know what type of photo editing service you offer. So first, I will try to brief you on setting charges for some of the major types of Photo editing services.

How much to charge for basic photo editing?

When you offer basic Photo editing services like cropping, resizing, and color correction, your photo editing rates should be low. You do not need to spend more than a couple of minutes on this type of service.

How much to charge for Photo retouching?

Photo retouching is considered the medium level of Photo editing that needs more skills, efforts, and time than basic photo editing. So a photo editor price for photo retouching should be more than the basic photo editing but not much high that may irritate the customer. This type of editing is done for e-commerce products.

How much to charge for Advance Photo Editing?

Advanced Photo editing service needs advanced level techniques, skills, and efforts. It takes too much time to adjust the complex photos. So, when you offer advanced Photo editing services, you can charge higher rates. Advanced Photo editing services include complex Clipping Paths, complex Background removal, and retouching complex images.

How much to charge for photography taking and editing?

If your services are not just about editing but also include Photo taking and then editing, your photo editing pricing should differ. You should include the Photography charges in Photo retouching rates when calculating the total price for your services.

How to charge for Photo Editing?

When setting the Photo editing rates, you can set rates based on different aspects. Multiple methods are available to calculate Photo editing services charges. Three major bases for setting Photography editing services are Hourly, by project, and image. Depending on the client’s worth and order specifications, you can select the best one.

What to charge for Photo editing when charging by the Hour?

It is a common method nowadays that most photo editing service providers use when offering photo editing services charged by photo editing hourly rate. You can get $25 to $150 for an hour, depending on the nature of the photo editing task.

But it is not a wise method for Photoshop freelance rates because freelancers are usually hired by new clients and do not know how much time it takes for photo editing. It may irritate the client when he expects less charges and time, but you charge more. So it is better to avoid photo editing hourly rates when your client is new or not a professional service taker.

If your client asks for a Photo editor hourly rate, you should remember that the average basic editing time for an image could be 10 minutes; retouching may take 30 minutes, and complex editing may take an hour.  So, tell your rates according to the average time.

What to charge for photo editing by Project?

Charging clients by the project is a smart deal when things are easier for you to determine. It is the simplest way to set the charges; time does not matter; average project rates range between $50 to $250 depending on the service.

You can discuss how much to charge to edit photos in detail with the client. But it is not so simple; you should consider the turnaround time; if the client needs assignment completion quickly, you can charge a little higher than average photo retoucher rates.

Ensure retouching rates should be on which you and your client should be happy. Before agreeing to a deal, you should know how many photos you will need to edit, what type of images, and how much time you will spend on that editing.

A friendly approach is not to ask for too high or too low for the market. Always try to charge decent rates that keep both of you happy and best among your competitors.

What to charge for Photo editing by Image?

Nowadays, professional freelance photo editing services are offered by image rates. In this method, rates are fixed by images; you can charge based on the number of images. It is an authentic way that may benefit both parties.

The average freelance photo editing rate for basic photo editing services ranges between $0.20 to $2 per image. If you provide retouching services, then freelancers could charge $10 to $15. Advanced photo editing services for an image range are between $20 to $50 for complex photo editing services.

When you are setting rates by images, you should first identify the category of your services. Once identify the service type, then tell your rates to the client. You can also set milestones like offering some discount for 50 or 100 pictures.

How do you calculate the Charges for Photo Editing?

There is tough competition to find a Photo editing job in the market, but if you calculate the photo editing charges after considering some essential aspects, you may find more opportunities in the market.

●     Target industry

The major mistake by the beginners is they try to hit every industry; that is a very wrong approach. First, you should set a targeted industry; suppose you choose real estate, eCommerce photo editing, get skills in that industry and try to find clients from that industry.

After analyzing the industry, be specific with industry rates and target industry rates to set the photo retouch rate for your services.

●     Location

The location also affects the rates of your services, you may charge low rates when offering services to small city’s clients, but you can charge higher rates for big city’s clients. Your freelance image editing rates should be according to a specific location. One rate may be lower in one location or higher in another, so check the client location before asking your rate.

●     Skill Level

The most important thing that undoubtedly affects when working on how much to charge for pictures editing is your skill level required to complete the job.  What type of skills do you need to complete the job? If there is a need for basic skills, then charge low rates; you can set a high rate for complex skills.

●     Tools

Also, consider the tools you will use to finish the photo editing tasks; after considering the required tools like CPU, Laptop, or software, you can set freelance photo editing rates.

●     Time required for Job

It is not wrong to say time is money; when deciding the rates, you should consider how much time you will need to complete the specific job. After time calculation, you can set the correct photo editing rates for your services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to charge for old photo editing?

Old Photos that are fading, torn or unrecognizable, and discolored could be restored by photo editing skills. When it comes to deciding the rates for old photo editing, an average rate is up to $250 for one photo. But if the photo needs extreme level skills, then the rate could be up to $500.

How much to charge for editing photos?

It depends on several aspects, but the average rate should be between 25 to 150 dollars when charging per hour. If your services are by the project, then its range could be 50 to 250 dollars, by image rate average could be between 0.2 to 20 dollars.

How much to charge for Photoshop work?

You may see some variations in Photo retoucher rates, but the average for freelance photo editing services on Upwork or Fiverr is $9 for beginners, $23 for intermediate skills, and $50 for expert photo editors.

Final Thoughts

Photo editing has become one of the attractive careers; in the last few years, thousands of young and experienced people joined Photo editing as a career. Photo editors are offering their services through freelancing platforms and specialized Photo editing services.

It creates big confusion when setting the rates for photo editing services. But some essential things like photo editing service type, location, industry, time for completion of service, mode of rate, and skills required for completion of job may help when looking for a guide about How much to charge to edit Photos.

You can find the rates that may help you earn handsomely without annoying your clients. It will not just help you to improve your skills but also keep your clients retained.

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