How to fix blurry pictures in Photoshop

How awkward is the experience when you take your memorable picture, but it is low quality and blurry? Surely you want to clarify it, and you may find many tools to remove blurry effects from your photos.

Photoshop is an excellent tool when looking for a reliable solution to remove blurry effects from pictures. You have plenty of features in Photoshop to fix the blurry pictures. But the question is How to fix blurry pictures in Photoshop? 

This article will teach you easy techniques to remove the blurry effects using Photoshop.

Why are pictures blurry?

You may experience blurry photos in numerous scenarios, so I think before learning about how to remove the blurry effects, we should know why your photos are blurry.

Noise level- You may experience blurry photos when the noise level is higher than usual; a higher noise level affects the clarity and sharpness of photos.

Low lighting- Low lighting in your Camera will cause a higher noise level and higher ISO that will reduce the sharpness and quality of your photos.

Camera quality- A low-quality Camera with small sensors will also reduce the sharpness, and you may get blurry pictures when taking photos with such cameras.

Movement- You may also get blurry photos when experiencing the movement of the Camera or object when taking pictures.

Lens focus- When taking the pictures, your lens focus should be toward the main object; otherwise, you will need to remove the blurry effects.

There may be other reasons besides the above, but if you check and ensure removal of the above issues, you will surely get high-quality clear photos. However, if your photos are blurry, read the easy solutions using Photoshop below.

How to remove the blurry effects in Photoshop?

There are several ways to fix a blurry photo in Photoshop, but it would be excellent to learn them properly. So, go through the below methods attentively and learn the easiest way to remove blur issues from your photos.

Step by Step Guide- how to fix blurry photos Photoshop

In this step-by-step guide, we will keep the things simple to teach you; we will use Photoshop sharpen blurry image features that would be great if you learn to apply them.

Step 1- Open Photoshop

First of all, double click on Photoshop Icon on your device if you have it on your computer. But if you are using a Mac, then touch the Photoshop App icon on your device. Please wait until it opens and you see the below screen.

blurry photo

Step 2- Open Image in Photoshop
Your first step to access Photoshop blurry features is to open the blurry pictures in Photoshop to fix the issue. 
Then go to the File menu above the Photoshop screen and click on the” Open.” 

You will see a separate tab for selecting your required blurry photo. Select the picture and then press the” Open” button

blurry Image

Wait for a couple of seconds to upload the image in Photoshop; once done, you will see the picture on the Photoshop screen.

blurry Image

You can see the picture; it seems blurred; you can also zoom in; when you zoom it, you will see blurry pictures, lines, and cuts in the pictures. We need to sharpen it to clarify it.

blurry pictures, lines

Step 3- Duplicate the picture.

You will need to create duplicate layers of the blurry image and create two layers of the blurry image.

If you have a computer, the command for creating duplicate layers is “Ctrl+J,” but for the Mac devices, you will need to hold the command and then press j “Command+ J.”

When you press the keys, you will see duplicate layers on the Photoshop screen. You can see below that layer 1 and Layer 1 copy are the two layers. You can go for other steps to fix blurry photos by using the Sharpen method.

Step 4- Set Frequency

You have two layers of the blurred image; you will need to work on that and set its frequency by sharpening the picture. 

Work with Layer 1; you will see the eye sign on the left side of the layer icon; click on the eye sign or layer 1. Your layer 1 will be selected for work.

fix the blurry effect

Then click on the “Filter” menu, go to the dropdown list and click on “blur” you will see another list on the right side.

Click on “Gaussian Blur” from the right side drop-down list.

You will see a separate dialog box on the right side of the Photoshop screen. Now go to below of the dialog box and reduce or increase the radius. Suppose in the below picture it was 6.1, but we have decreased it to 6.

Step 5 – Work with the image.

The next step is to work with the image; go to the “image” menu to see a separate drop-down list. Select “Apply image” from the list.

When you press “Apply image,” a separate dialog box will appear on the screen.

First, go to Layer and select “Layer 1” from the drop-down list.

Then go to “Blending” and select the “Add” from the drop-down list

Next, come to “Scale” and change it to “2.”

Then mark check on the “Invert” box and press “Ok” to apply all the changes with the blurred image in Layer 1.

When you click on the “Invert” box, you will see the screen becomes gray, but if you see the picture is hiding under the gray shade, you can see the photo.

See now you have a layer 1 after changes.

Step 6- Work with Lighting

The next step to fix the blurry pictures in Photoshop is to work with the lighting effects. Look a little above the Layer 1 menu; see the “Normal” menu. Come here and click on that; you will see a drop-down list where you can set the lighting effects to remove blurriness from your pictures.

Now select the “Linear Light” Option from that drop-down list.

Step 7- Create copies of Layer 1

Next, you will need to create copies of Layer 1; in the below example, suppose we want to create six layers. Follow the simple commands for computer system “Ctrl+ J” and Mac systems “Command + J.” You can create as many copies of layer 1 you want.

The new image in the layers is apparent and free of blur. Your image has been sharpened.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix blurry pictures on iPhone?

If you have blurry pictures on your iPhone, you can remove the blur from your photos using Photoshop. If you are using an iPhone, the process of removing blur from your photos is similar to that of a computer, but you may see some differences in commands for functioning. The keys are the same; you will need to use the Command button instead of the Ctrl button.

How to fix blurry pictures on a computer?

If you are looking for a guide to fix blurry pictures on the computer, Photoshop is the best tool. You can use the Sharpening or noise reduction tools to clarify remove the blurry effects.

Where can I use Photoshop to sharpen blurry image features for remove the blurry effects?

You can use Photoshop Sharpen blurry image feature on phone, laptop, and computer. The process is almost similar on all of the devices.

How to fix blurry pictures in the lightroom?

Lightroom is the quickest way to improve the quality of your images; a super-resolution function in the Lightroom may help you resize the images that look great. Another feature is the Sharpening section, where you can find several features to sharpen the image, such as slider adjustment could make your image appear crisp and sharp.

Does Photoshop blur my pictures?

You may hear from your friends that Photoshop has blurred their pictures, but it is wrong because Photoshop never blurs the photos unless the images are raster. Raster images are blurred because they are created by pixels that may tear when working with them. Pixels are not very compatible with stretching.


A blurry image not just looks tedious but also ruins all your efforts, but fixing them could help you to improve the quality of your photos and also make them attractive. Photoshop is a great tool to fix blurry pictures. You may also find other tools for that purpose, but there is no better choice than Photoshop when your preference is editing but with high quality.

We have provided you step by step help in detail about How to fix blurry pictures. I hope you have learned and can implement the process for making your blurry pictures the best quality and clear.

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