How To Put Two Photos Side By Side In Photoshop

We often need to put two pics side by side to share before and after photos, photo collages, or comparisons for different purposes. Different photo editing apps are available, but still, there is no match for Photoshop.

You can never get the perfect two photos side by side experience other than Photoshop. If you want to learn how to put two photos side by side in Photoshop?

Then stay here; we will guide you with a helpful tutorial to make your photo editing easier in Photoshop. Finally, read more about becoming a master in putting two pictures side by sideespecially Photoshop

Photoshop side by side Photo putting Guide [how do I put two photos side by side]

Photoshop has many options by which you can put pics side by side. Let’s introduce two simple ways to put two photos into one.

How to place two photos side by side by the Canvas Size method?

It is one of the most using and most straightforward methods that you can try, even if you are a beginner that does not take more than one or two minutes to finish a side-by-side photo editing job in Photoshop.

Top 5 steps: how do you put two pictures side by side (Canvas Size method)

Step One- Open Image

Open Photoshop App on your device; once open, Go to the “File” menu in Photoshop. You will see a drop-down list on the screen; click “Open” on the list.

how to put two photos side by side

Step two -Select the image.

After that, you will see a new separate window for selecting the image you want to work with. Find out the required first image from the available images that you want to put first. Once you have chosen the image, click on the “open” button.

Step Three- Adjust the Photo

Once clicked on the “Open” button, you will see the photo on the main board of the Photoshop app. Now you need to work with that photo to make it suitable to create side-by-side images.

Go to the “Image” option in Photoshop; you will see the below drop-down list for functions to perform with the selected image. You will need to make adjustments in photo size; click on “Canvas size.”

You will see the “Canvas Size” window on the screen with different options for size adjustments. You can increase or decrease the borders or photo size, like its width and height. You can extend the area for side-by-side picture editing and make pixels adjustments.

The “anchor” option is to select the side and area where you want to place the first photo. Also, check that you have marked the “Relative” Option; once marked, click the “Ok” button, your photo will place on the selected area in Photoshop.

how to put two photos side by side

Now you can see a more expansive space on one side of your photo in Photoshop, as shown in the above image for placing the following photo to put pictures side by side.

Step Four: Select the following image.

Once you have added the first photo, go for the following image, go to the “File” menu, see a drop-down list from that point, and select the “Place embedded” menu.

You will see a separate window on the screen for selecting the required image from the images list.

Select the required image from the list and then press the “Place” button to place the next image in your Photoshop side by side editing.

You will see the selected image is shown on the Photoshop screen, but you still need its adjustment for a perfect side-by-side photo editing experience in Photoshop.

Step Five- Adjust the Photo

Now move the photo on the side to adjust it in the right place; you can move it by dragging the cursor, clicking on the center of the image that you want to move, and moving it toward the side of the first photo.

You will see the photo start moving as you have seen in the above picture; once you see the photo is placed in the right place, it’s done. Your 2 photos side by side editing in Photoshop has been done. Now you can save that image on your device for later use.

How to put two html pictures side by side in Photoshop by Stacking Method?

You will need to learn how to load the photos on layers in the same document; then, you will learn how to put two pictures side by side in Photoshop. So we will start by loading images in layers, then we will teach you to put two pictures side by side.

8 Steps to follow how to put pics side by side (Stacking Method)

Following are top 8 steps on how to add two pictures in photoshop by Stacking Method.

Step One- Open images in Photoshop

In this method, Go to File, then choose the “Scripts” menu; you will see the drop-down list; select the Load Files into Stack.

Step Two- Select the images

You will see the dialog box, find the Browse button, click on “Browse,” then navigate the two pictures you want to work on.

Select the two pictures that you want to place photos side by side in Photoshop.  Next select “Ok.”

Step Three- load photos into Photoshop

You will see the names of the photos on the Photoshop screen; press “Ok” to load the selected images into Photoshop.

You will also see two options at the bottom of the screen “Attempt to automatically align source images,” and then next one, “create smart object after loading layers” do not mark them.

how to put two photos side by side

When Photos loads into Photoshop, they will appear by their names in the “Layers” menu.

how to put two photos side by side

Both images are added to the stack, but you will see one photograph at a time; you can view the second image from Photoshop Stock. 

Step four- Enable Move Tool

Both images are available in the same document, but for a side-by-side photo edit job, you will need to enable the “Move Tool.” The move tool is better than the Canvas command because you need to move the image and create space to do both tasks with the Move Tool option.

Go to ToolBar, then select the Move Tool. 

Step Five – Enable Snap and Snap to document

Now go to the “View” bar and then select the “Snap” option to activate; when you see the checkmark on its side, it means you have enabled it.

Look below the Snap there; you will see “Snap To” click on Snap To you will see another window appear on the right side of the screen. Select the “Document Bounds” option from the drop-down list from the right side window.

Step Six: Select the layer and drag the image side by side.

Go to the “Layers” menu and select the image on the top layer.

Then, with the Move Tool’s help, select the image and move it to drag it on the left or right side of the picture. You can remove the image on either side; keep pressing and holding the Shift Key when dragging the image; it will simplify your dragging task.
You may see the top image vanish from the screen but do not worry; it will be back.

Step Seven- Snap the image.

When you are moving the image to put two photos together into Photoshop side by side, as you go close to the edge of the document, you will automatically see the image snap to the edge.

Now release the mouse button and Shift Key.

Step Eight – Done

In the last step, it’s time to bring both sides of the image by the side into a Photoshop document. Go to the “Image” menu choose the “Reveal All” option from the drop-down list.

You will see both of your photos in Photoshop side by side. You have done your job. Enjoy the joined 2 pics side by side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): how to put two pictures together in photoshop

Which is the best app for side-by-side photo editing?

Many apps like Cut Paste Photos Pro, BlendPuc, PhotoJoiner, Pinetool, and Photoshop are available for side-by-side image editing tasks. But among all of these, Photoshop is the most trusted, reliable, and widely used app for side-by-side photos editing.

What are the most popular methods for putting photoshop two photos together?

Photoshop App comes with many features to make side-by-side photo editing extraordinary. Canvas size, collaging, and loading photos in stacked are some of the most popular methods in Photoshop to put the photos side by side.

Can I use side-by-side photo editing features with a free Photoshop App?

In Photoshop App, editing pictures side by side is the essential feature available in its free version. You can use the Photoshop free version for this task.

Summary: putting two pictures side by side

The Photoshop tool comes with excellent Photo editing features that allow you to use your pictures for different purposes after editing. For example, we also need to put two photos side by side for comparison or before and after goals.

Photoshop offers many ways to put two photos side by side; we have also guided you with two best ways to combine two photos side by side into Photoshop. If you are new to Photoshop and looking for guidance about putting two images side by side, our above guide will help you a lot.

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