How to set up a photography studio on a Budget

How to set up a photography studio on a Budget? 

Every Photographer envisions a dream studio, but they are scared to spend thousands of dollars on it. The good news is that photographers do not need to spend thousands of dollars on setting up DIY Photo Studio. You can set up with a bit of resource.

You can set up an excellent Photo studio in a spare room or a corner of your living room with minimal effort.

This guide will teach you how easy it is to set up a home photography studio and share the affordable and necessary tools to get started.

How to set up a photography studio?

When you plan how to set up a home photography studio, many things come to mind that may overwhelm you. You may be confused about deciding where to start?

Please start a home photography studio task by researching the photo studios near you. You do not need to make physical visits; you can search over the internet.

By seeing the images of Photo studios, you will figure out how perfectly they arrange the photo studio equipment at home.

Do not worry; never set your goal to start with an expensive professional studio, start with a DIY photoshoot studio, and gradually turn it into a professional photography studio.

How to set up a photography studio at home?

You will need a lot of equipment to set up an excellent home photography studio. Still, it would help to focus on other things except for photography equipment for your photo studio. I will share the ideas to help you set up an affordable but excellent photo studio.

Decide about the space of your Photo Studio.

The first thing to decide is to choose the best space where you can take an excellent Photoshoot. You can decide it better once you know about the photoshoot.

Are you shooting the Furniture or full-body portraits? Are you going to be taking photos of products or headshots?

As a photographer, you have to think about the indoor studio background that makes your photography experience stunning and minimizes the photo retouching efforts.

You can create excellent and eye-catching photographs of products or portraits with minimal photo retouching service efforts with an excellent indoor background.

You can set up the home Photo studio in the living room corner or a storage room. When deciding about the space, also remember about the Photoshoots. Will you take photographs in a single place or need different locations?

A single place photoshoot needs regular clean wall window light, but you will need portable equipment and spaces to show different locations in your photoshoots for the different places.

What are essential Gears for a home photo studio?

What comes to your mind first when you think about a photo studio setup? If I am not mistaken, the Camera is the first and essential piece of equipment that could help take the pictures.

When choosing the best Camera for a camera studio setup, you have many choices. Modern day’s phones have excellent built-in Cameras. But they may fail to meet your professional photographic needs.

No matter which brand of Camera you are going for, keep remembering the Camera is the first factor to consider when choosing Photography studio equipment that affects the quality of your photograph.

So, try to find the best Camera from many online platforms; you can find many affordable but excellent choices. 

You do not need to buy too costly Cameras because the Camera is the essential factor for best photography but not the only one. 

You can also improve the quality of your photos by-product image editing service once you have taken the product photos.

●     Lighting Setup

The lighting equipment is vital for a home photography studio. A budget home photo studio needs light and a reflector such as an umbrella.

You may find hundreds of photographer lighting equipment for your DIY home studio when buying the lighting equipment.

But we will recommend you to research some of the affordable but excellent performing photography lighting equipment on the internet.

You can search online selling platforms like eBay, Amazon, or others and read the reviews about the equipment before visiting the market.

●     Tripod

Tripod is vital equipment for a home Photography studio because it will help with lighting. With an excellent Tripod, you can set up the lighting for the DIY photo booth with great ease and flexibility.

It will help you stabilize the camera, lighting system, and many other tools to provide you with a straightforward but productive lighting experience. Look for some affordable and high-performing Tripod.

●     Memory Card

You will also need to have a memory card to store the photos. You can get many affordable memory card choices. 

The Memory card with 16 GB or more is sufficient for your DIY studio. You can quickly get a memory card with excellent features for under 10$ in the market.

●     Roll of seamless Whitepaper

It is also essential to get a seamless whitepaper roll behind the products before taking the pictures. It will help you to create a white backdrop for photos.

I will suggest you buy the larger Roll of whitepaper because you will need to create the seamless white “sweep.” It will assist you in creating excellent photos with an excellent DIY photo backdrop.

It would be best to focus on the width of the roll paper, a standard size 53 inches across whitepaper is an excellent choice to cover the products.

●     Folding table

How to set up a photography studio on a budget

The folding table is also essential for mini photography backdrops. You will need it to sweep across to create a white backdrop. You can easily style and position the product according to requirements.

It will help the photographers set up the product at an average height, not too low or too high. If you buy a foldable card table, it could be a great photographer’s desk setup that you can use anywhere. You can quickly get many affordable folding tables for under 50$ from the market.

●     Other essential Gear

Above are the essential gears that assist you in maintaining the quality of photos; here are some other gears that you will need for an easy photography experience. You can get these at very affordable prices from different online platforms.

·Step Ladders


·Flash triggers

·Extension and power strippers

· Furniture

·White Foam Board

Guide to setup Home Photo Studio

How to set up a photography studio on a budget

Once you have arranged for the above gears, follow this simple step-by-step guide to set up a unique DIY photo studio.

●     Position the table

Start your task by positioning the table; it would be one of the excellent photography studio ideas to place the table near the window. It will provide natural light to make your product more appealing and clear, which could be a satisfactory experience for product photography.

Ensure direct sunlight does not hit the set, so it is better to place the table a little distance from the window. Keep the table at a point where you can move around the table quickly when taking a photoshoot.

●     Setting up the white backdrop paper

You will need to set up the whitepaper and tape to create a seamless white backdrop. It is pretty easy to unroll the white paper, roll it into a wall ceiling, and cover the things you want to hold on to, like the stand.

You can find many easy ways by searching about making a homemade backdrop for a photo studio on the internet or watching videos on YouTube.

●     Object placement

Place the product in front of white background after ensuring cleanliness. Many people forget to check the cleanliness of the space, which makes their experience worse. Little cleaning would save a lot of time and cost.

●     Setup White Foam Board

Now set up the white Foam board depending on the amount of natural light and color of the product. If there is a need to fill it with extra light, you will need to set up the white Foam board to provide enough light for attractive photographs.

●     Setup the Camera

This is the final step before taking the photoshoot; a tripod setup is necessary for easy Camera setup. Set the tripod level at best that should not be too low or too high to take the photos.

Once you have the required level, attach the Camera with a tripod clip or screws. Your DIY photo studio is ready to take stunning photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to edit product images?

We need photo editing to make product images more appealing. You have the option to use many free and paid photo editing tools. 

Your product image editing may include removing background, blemishes, color correction, adding shadows, removing reflections, adjusting sharpness, and much more.

How to set up inexpensive portrait studios?

You can set up inexpensive portrait studios at home with little research about location choice, purchasing excellent but affordable equipment after searching on the internet, and learning to set up the equipment in unique ways.

What are excellent background ideas for a photo shoot at home?

There are several inexpensive and nice-looking background ideas for the photoshoot at home. You have the options to use streamers, paper plates, doily backdrop, magical tulle fairy light backdrop, craft paper triangles, rainbow, and clouds.


An excellent home studio can be an excellent push for you to start your career professionally. Many of us skip developing the photo studio at home because we think it is too costly.

Top-grade professional photo studios are undoubtedly costly ideas, but you can also set up a home photography studio in a professional way with low resources.

You have learned to choose the best place for a home photo studio, products for a DIY photo studio, and a step-by-step guide to set up the equipment in your photo studio that will 

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