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The most popular, common but still one of the most important photo editing processes is the image clipping path. it requires closer attention to detail while doing it. People sometimes call it deep etch or image clipping as well.

The white background product photo is the number one and must follow image requirements for all the eCommerce platforms out there. Consumers of online shopping want to explore a clean product listing and have to get a clear look at the product they are buying.

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Out of the box product marketing and amazing product, presentation is two of the most significant roles that need to be perfect for online retailers. Ecommerce product photo editing services is only the way to make your product images stand out in the crowd.

Ghost mannequin effect or neck joint service, whatever you call it, it is one of the newest and coolest ways of presenting apparel products to the world. Ghost mannequin in photoshop lets your apparel product photo stand out in the crowd because of its realistic but fantastic appearance.

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Automotive retouching or automotive photo editing has been one of the most important steps of making your own automobile website. It is essential to display retouching car photos in order to make your website look professional. 

he term photo retouching services is a familiar word for the people working in the e-commerce field. Photo retouching, also known as image retouching means improving the quality of a photo by editing.

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High-end jewelry photo retouching services are the reason we can enjoy all the fantastic jewelry photos we see today. Jewelry products are very delicate to shoot as they reflect everything just like the glass. Because of that, in jewelry photos, there is no margin for errors.

Image masking technique allows you to remove the background from objects like hair, fur, pets, etc. In a survey, an organization reveals that over 49% of the consumer feels comfortable to see the product on a white background in their online shopping.

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