How to Create Clipping Path in Photoshop 2022

Clipping path is a very popular tool to clip or remove an object and item from its

background. This article is only for you to let you know about how to create a clipping

path in photoshop 2022.

You will receive a clear idea about today’s topic when you browse this entire article.

Actually, this technique is particularly useful when you have a multicolored background.

Steps of How to Create a Clipping Path in Photoshop 2022:

Here we will know the easy steps of creating a clipping path. But make sure you will

have clear ideas in Adobe Photoshop and its tools. Drag down and follow the steps



First, launch Adobe Photoshop 2022. Then go to the File menu and select open to

upload the exact picture that you want to edit.


In this step-2, go to the toolbar on the left and select the pen tool. The shortcut key of

This tool is “P”. So you can press “P” to do it fast. For the perfect and accurate output of

the pen tool, you need to do lots of practice. If you are not familiar with this tool then you

can take the help of a clipping path service provider.

Sometimes it may not be shown as a pen tool. You will discover that it exists behind the

Curvature Pen Tool, Freeform Pen Tool, Add Anchor Point Tool, Delete Vector Point

Tool, or Convert Point Tool.


Don’t forget to create a new path. For this, drive to the Path panel in Adobe Photoshop

2022. The path panel will be on the right side. If you can’t see it automatically then don’t

worry. You can find this option in the window at the top bar.


This step is for creating the exact shape of your desired picture. With the pen tool click

the left side of the mouse along the verge of the picture. In this case, the button cannot

be released.

Make sure you are satisfied with the curve shape. Then relieve the mouse button.

Repeatedly click around the object until a circle appears. Then click the last along that

circle. Try to clip the path accurately.


Now, for the selection of the new clipping path, use the shortcut key by pressing “Ctrl +

Enter”. After that, you can modify the feather of the picture.

Therefore, assign 0.5 feathers to smooth the edge. You may click on the “select” option

on the top bar then move to click on the “feather” option. The shortcut form is ” Shift +



On this step, drive to the layer panel. If you can not find this panel then you can

discover that on the top of the bar (window > layer).

Make it obvious that the product picture layer is unlocked. If you find it locked, double

click on it. Just make it to “Layer 0” then click on “Ok”. When you start working, be sure

that the new path panel is selected.

Furthermore, select the ” Make selection” from the Pane menu.

If you do all the steps of your own or take help from the clipping path in photoshop service

provider, all of the above-mentioned systems are the same. And now, click on the

“Select” option and then go to “Modify” and then move to “Contract.”

When a dialog box appears in front of you, set up the contract radius to 1. After that

click “Ok”. By moving the selection slightly inwards, you will not see any background

artifacts in the masked image.


This is the decisive step of how to create a clipping path in photoshop 2022. Under

the circumstances, you need to go to the layer panel again. Check again to be sure that

the layer panel is selected.

When you see at the bottom of the layer panel, you should see a black square with the

circle. Its name is the “Add Layer Mask” icon. Click here to work on it. This new layer

will unravel the picture from the background. The background is also there but in a

masked way.

If you want to change the background, you can put a new one into the “Layer 0”. When

all masking is done then jump to the File menu and then tap into “save as”. Here, you

can save a new file type.

And the clipping path is done.

Why Do You Need The Clipping Mask Service Provider?

For e-commerce sites, it is very important to remove the background from the product

image flawlessly with photoshop. That’s why a clipping path service company will aim to

give you the best service.

For sure, Photoshop 2022 is the latest version that is more manageable to use. If you

are not experienced in clipping paths, seek the help of a service provider. Below we will

tell you in short why the clipping path is needed. Check the point out:

1. When a photographer takes a picture, a lot of unwanted backgrounds come into their

picture. In this situation, the clipping path gives this unwanted and obscure background

a natural look.

2. The garment company employs the clipping path. They need to send attractive

pictures to present the fabrics made in their factory to the retailers. At that time their

image does not have a good background. Using it, they have to add a meaningful

background to the image and send it to the retailer.

3. In online business, the clipping path is used to represent their products to the

customer. The customer wants a clear picture. They also want to see the picture of the

product at every angle. There are many gadgets in the market but it is really too much

experience. Small companies can’t afford this gadget. So that time they use a clipping

path. It really works outstanding at a low cost. It is considered cost-efficient. Moreover,

the clipping path service organization is faster and easier to use.

Final Words:

When you have finished this article, you may have a clear idea about how to create a

clipping path in photoshop 2022. If you begin with these modest steps, it will perhaps

not be difficult for you to work. If you are not an expert in it, then employ an expert

clipping path service provider.

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