How to Take Pictures of Clothes Without a mannequin

Models are usually the greatest choice for photographing apparel products. However, it takes too much time and might be costly at times. The dummy was a good alternative in this scenario. It is, however, time-demanding and frequently necessitates scheduling. However, there is a faster and smarter way to snap amazing photographs of mannequin fashion products without the need for clothes mannequins.

Sometimes, when you need to take pictures outside studios or in case of emergency, having the skill of taking shots of beautiful moments without a mannequin or model will help, making you unique and more innovative.

Even if you have the opportunity to hire models or mannequins, why shouldn’t you learn a way of taking excellent pictures of clothes without a figure? Knowing the fact will enrich your mind and help you create ideas as a photographer or apparel entrepreneur.

So let’s get started discussing the fundamentals you need to learn how to take mannequin pictures of clothes to sell.

How to take pictures without a clothes mannequin?

Taking pictures of clothes without a clothes mannequin is easy when you perform creatively. Moreover, good photos get deeply connected with potential shoppers’ minds.

Yes, Clothes with mannequin images are indeed good. But you can represent your photos even better without a dummy. So the picture that we’re going to take won’t look worse.

In this article, we will follow two photography methods where we won’t use a dummy or a model. The first method is tabletop roughly horizontal lay photography. Also, that second one is the ghost mannequin effect which the mind later built finished Photoshop. But still, you can expect to take lovely photos.

Flat lay apparel photography is a different process. Sometimes, online stores should also upload these photographs instead of constantly uploading the photo’s identical mannequin.

There’s a quick setup guide for the method. We will be discussing this method below.

Mannequin Photography Vs. Without Mannequin Photography

Mannequin Photography Vs Without clothes mannequin

I’m interested in this comparison because everyone believes in quality, from buyers to photographers and business owners. There’s a minimum difference between these two prototypes. Breaking down the facts will help you make decisions with perfection.

Moreover, there is some matter of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, looking into it further is crucial.

So, at first, you can’t always chase for a mannequin. Instead, you have to choose a photography style according to project type. 

However, every photography style is well known and suits specific concepts.

Here are some advantages of the “with mannequin” photography style:

  • You get a product image of high quality and acceptance. It’s the most common way.
  • It improves the way you present photos. People can imagine the product on their body in this way.
  • Saves money and effort.
  • Transparency.

Some advantages of flat lay photography:

  • It allows you to showcase multiple products together.
  • It’s a portable method, and you can take photos at any time.
  • An efficient way to make a concept. Such as a viewing experience of products you sell.
  • Lets you display clothing items in different ways.

Now we’ll disappear into some pros and scams of attire photography outdoors a mannequin Pros and Tricks of Clothing Photography Outdoors mannequin.

Pros and Cons of Clothing Photography Without Mannequin

Well, clothing photography, especially without using dummies, is a different method. 

As a way of style and representation, it has some pros and cons. So let’s dive into the pros and cons section to understand its usability in a better way.

There are cool things to do with a dummy, but in the case of mannequin-less photos, the point is different.

Pros of clothing photography without mannequin

Pros of clothing photography without mannequin:

  • You get the complete flexibility of taking shots anywhere globally without the concern of heavier portability.
  • Flat lay photography allows you to optimize things according to your needs.
  • The necessity of a studio is not needed.

Cons of clothing photography without mannequin:

  • The quality of representation depends by 80% on your creativity.
  • Takes more time to think and arrange the style.

Flat lay photography: an alternative cloth photography style

Flat lay photography is an excellent alternative to those hassle methods with a mannequin or model. It helps you avoid hassle and effort, but it makes minor issues between images with clothes and without mannequin clothes.

The best part I like about photography without a dummy is that it lets you use your creativity to a greater extent. Whereas the photography style with a figure is limited, and it always gives the same presentation.

I sometimes think including both apparel photos with and without postmark mannequins will give regular customers the best viewing experience.

All brands and retailers would like to gain higher potential and conversion rates in less photography setup. This type of photography is what we call without mannequin or flat lay photography.

Step 1: What should I take care of before going to take photos without a mannequin?

How to take pictures of clothes without mannequin

Now, we will learn the procedure to take beautiful shots of beautiful moments of your clothing items. Obviously, without the necessity of a dummy at all.

No more hassle and execute the best result of pf the most accessible stop ever. But remember, styling always depends on you and the product circumstance.

At first, you should photograph with keeping three things in mind:

  • Create the concept you want the users to understand through the image.
  • What kind of audience is dedicated to the image?
  • How much focus you’re willing to give after the image.

Flat lay photography suits shirt products’ photography, pants, and trousers. You can also showcase set clothing products in flat lay photography. For example, socks, shoes, and hand gloves together would be a good winter collection.

How to Take Photos Without a Mannequin

Let’s talk about conventional flat lay photography at first. It’s the method with the lowest cost and most straightforward setup. 

If you have an excellent image concept, this method will work well.

The product, as mentioned earlier, picture-taking composition wants a camera mounted parallel to the terrain alongside education. 

Therefore, you will need some determined diffusers and lightboxes as well to prepare the whole setup.

Now, just lay down the clothing product that needs to be photographed and stick it with tape and clips. Make sure that the cloth has no curves and is flattened perfectly.

Use some styling elements to beautify the view like flowers, cups, cameras, hand-made toys, etc.

Now you are aware of how to photograph shirts. The next crucial thing is setting up the camera. 

Keep the shutter speed average and take shots. Check the image twice to make sure nothing is blurry or inappropriate within the image.

Value of Photography with clothes mannequin

When you have a dummy, you should make the best use of it. There are also different independent methods for mannequin photography.

Mannequin provides added benefits to the style and gives you a good performance. 

There are two types of mannequins, amputated mannequins, and full-body mannequins.

Usually, using the full-body mannequin is preferred. This is because it gives a whole realistic viewing experience. However, amputated ones are generally used in stores and shops.

Using a model can be expensive, but it’s suitable for branded marketing and view. Photos of clothing on a model keep the relevance brighter.

For instance, a model can change the style by moving their limbs, even the body, whereas a dummy gives the same effect. But keep in mind that mannequin photography isn’t bad when you start your new business initially.

Value of photography without clothes mannequin

For photographers, rich and branded clients have a reasonable rate of model photography preference. 

Therefore, when you visit prominent or well-known brands, you will see a good number of model photographs in every post.

If you’re a photographer, you can learn How to display clothes without a mannequin so you can grab wealthy business clients.

Moreover, without clothes, mannequin photography allows you to develop creativity and passion. 

You can create different styles and execute them on flat lay or hanging photography methods.

Lifestyle garments models are developing in the center. It depends on the form you require to understand your outcome.

Here are some benefits of the Clothes mannequin service:

If we honestly compare the styles, we will find Model photography better than mannequin photography, and finally, without mannequin photography.

But the use of mannequins highly depends on the concept of the photo you want to create. They both are excellent and appealing in appearance.

To make the difference more clear, let’s take a look at some benefits of the mannequin service:

  • Mannequin makes things easy for you. No need for any extra setup.
  • In a mannequin image, the dummy is often the only focus. The image doesn’t need additional beauty.
  • Mannequin service gives customers the experience to feel the cloth on their own.

What about the pricing for Clothes mannequin service?

The pricing of here service depends on some character. But I’ll try to give a minimum idea from basic to advance. 

As I have said earlier, without mannequin clothes, photography is mostly about creativity. However, a little effort in executing the image concept can bring you a good view.

As a photographer, you can charge $2-8 for initial photography. This includes arranging the elements, setting up the style, and taking photographs.

And for professional bulk photography, charging anywhere between $15-$25 per hour would be enough. 

But again, the charge must depend on client type, elements, the effort needed, and the project.

I have seen Professional photographers charging even up to $150 per hour in the US. 

The country is also a significant factor. In Asia, the get price for photography is comparatively lower. It starts from $3 and can be up to $100.


So, finally, we have completed this tutorial. We have covered several topics, including the fundamentals of the mannequin and mannequin-less photography. Suppose you work with dedication and follow this article. Then, you can expect to achieve good skills in photography.

I have been a professional photographer since 2010. Therefore, all the topics I have discussed here are from personal experience. 

If you think I have missed something or anything wrong with this article, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Not only for business purposes, but you can also knock us even for free advice and Burger discussion. Thanks for staying with us.

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