What is image masking?

Image masking has great importance for making an image outstanding. It has the same importance in whatever photo editing tool you use. Naturally, the masking technique is slightly different depending on the tool, but you can fulfill the same purpose. Two of the noticeable amenities for the users are time consumption and money-saver.

So, what is image masking? Image masking lets you make the image eye-catching for your business and other purposes. Including this, you will get background removal, transparency, and changing color. Also, you can cut a portion of the image without touching the other.

A Guide To Image masking and its Necessity:

Image masking is a nice feature to present an image creatively. Using the masking feature, you can limit the visibility of an image’s inevitable adjustment or layer.

Plus, it lets you edit a particular portion of an image without touching the other area. Here, editing means removing any item from the background like wool, fur, hair, or other objects.

Different Image Masking in Photoshop

There are three types of photoshop image masking. Let’s see those in the following.

  1. Layer Masking
Layer masking

Layer masking is the popular type of masking in photoshop. Typically, people mean the layer mask when it comes to masking. This masking feature aids in revealing or hiding any portion of the image. Plus, using this feature, you can change the image opacity correctly.

2.     Clipping Mask

The 2nd type of masking is the clipping mask which lets you make another layer transparent or visible. In this type, you need to place a layer in the layer’s bottom to ensure transparency. That bottom layer aids in controlling the upper layer’s visibility.

3.     Alpha Channel Masking

The last type is alpha channel masking. This type aims to help in removing the background. You know, different images demand different approaches to removing the image background.
For example, when you need to deal with the furry or hair areas, you can’t easily remove that. Plus, that task demands reasonable time to select using the brush strokes. In that case, you can use the alpha channel masking to tackle that situation quickly.

Why Do We Need Photo masking?

So, after getting a photo masking service, what amenities will you get? Here we mention some critical points on the amenities to using the masking feature.

●      A Non-Destructive Technique

When you remove anything from the background, it becomes challenging to bring that back. But when you hide the area using the masking technique, you can quickly bring that back when you want.

●      Hide and Show anything

Masking features let you hide and show any portion of the image easily. You can easily ensure the transition effect by gradient or brush for masking. Also, you can change any portion of the image, like making the sky shiny or dazzling.

●      Change any area of the image.

Sometimes, you may need to change a small portion like changing the color, adjusting the brightness, exposure correction, etc. Image masking lets you do all those easily.

● Replacing or removing the background of the objects

The most practical use of masking is background removal. You can remove the background from any image even though you can change the background of mesh-type cloth or muslin, which is transparent.

●      Making Collage Images

The masking feature is also helpful for creating collage images. You can ensure blissful effects using images and apply masking on those. Then smoothen the image using the gradients and soft brushes.

Process of masking an image?

Photoshop lets you create a layer mask easily. You can reverse or alter any image using the layer mask. Here we give the step-by-step technique to create a layer mask.

● Make a new layer:

Firstly, you need to navigate the “add button” button to make a new layer. You can find it in the layer panel. Alternatively, you can use a shortcut like Shift+Ctrl+N to add a new layer. Now, you need to add your desired images for masking.

●      Layer mask.

Now, head to the layer panel to add a mask to your desired layer. Next, navigate to the layer panel’s bottom to click the layer mask button. After clicking, you will see the rectangle size layer mask icon. Inside that, you will discover a circle. Also, you will see a thumbnail of a layer mask next to the thumbnail of the image layer in the layer panel.

●      Conceal by adding black.

Next, you need to ensure an active layer. For that, navigate to the layer panel to choose the layer mask’s thumbnail. Then, choose a brush tool and set the black color in the foreground. Once you choose the brush tool, paint the area you want to conceal.

When you use a defined edge brush, you can give a hard line between the transparent elements and the opaque. Nevertheless, a soft edge brush will help to create a fade. 

●      Reveal by adding white.

At this stage, select the white color as your foreground color and the brush tool. Using the brush tool, you need to paint the area you want to appear.

Note: If you create the layer mask at first, the other layer will become white by default.

●      Finally, blend by adding gray.

Like the previous step, you need to choose the gray shade as the foreground and the brush tool. Then, you need to paint the layer that you want to be visible or faded partially. You can make the image area more transparent by darkening the gray color.

Why Choose us for Image masking?

A raw image isn’t good to use on e-commerce sites or share with others. That’s why everyone demands to edit. Plus, the editing lets you add or remove any of your desired items from the image. Hence you can save time and money. Masking is one type of editing which gives you immense amenities. You already know the fantastic amenities of image masking.

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We are now on the edge of the article on “image masking.” We try to give you all the ins and out of masking images. If you want photo masking services, feel free to contact us.

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